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Backed by more than 25 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, secure, well-managed, cost effective IT consultancy and support services to support your organisation.

Who We Are

Our office and technical team is located in Melbourne with an extended partner support network across the Australia.

What We Can Do For You

Our primary objective is to provide you with quality internet and / or IT services & support.


We understand that your IT infrastructure & security is just as critical to the running of your business whether home or office based. Our IT solutions are bespoke for every customer to meet your individual needs.

Our Differentiators

We can provide a complete solution for your business or home that incorporate both internet connectivity and your IT solution / support in one cohesive bundle

You are not dealing with multiple companies to get an end to end solution, and there is no room for assigning blame for issues to other providers. The buck stops with us

Ownership of our infrastructure and network allows us to consistently deliver reliability and performance our customers expect. And it keeps us more accountable

We have infrastructure in multiple data centres creating a high level of redundancy and resilience in our network

Our approach is 100% client focused; we are proactive and are always looking for ways to improve our services. This includes our client portal, technical support chat and self-help knowledgebase

We aim to provide the best solution for each individual client

Our team is dynamic and able to respond and resolve issues quickly and efficiently