Yesodei HaTorah

Yesodei HaTorah College is a dual campus private Jewish school for year Prep to year 12.

Restart IT have been working with Yesodei HaTorah College (YHT) for many years. Initially we provided higher level network administration support for their previous MSP.

When Yesodei’s previous MSP ceased operations in 2020, They recommended Restart IT to take over the contract. We were recommended based on expertise and customer satisfaction we had provided. Restart IT were able to demonstrate we could provide the services YHT were looking for under a competitive rate and terms and continue to work with YHT.


YHT had an aging fleet of computers, software and systems. Restart has since:

  • Migrated YHT’s email system from an out-of-date Exchange server to a Microsoft 365 solution.
  • Implemented a remote learning solution for staff and children during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the use of Microsoft 365’s Teams.
  • Assisted with the relocation of the school’s senior campus from Brighton to Ormond: engaging with 3rd parties to ensure internet, security systems and internal equipment all functioned.
  • Planned and implemented an upgrade to staff and student computer equipment.
  • Upgraded internal Microsoft Server 2021 systems & applications.


We also Manage YHT’s day-to-day IT requirements:

  • End user remote and onsite support.
  • Microsoft 365 management and support.
  • Active Directory management and support.
  • DNS and Domain management.
  • Device management, including laptops, servers, network and internet equipment, electronic whiteboards, projectors, Wi-Fi systems, phones.